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Ben Aguilar will assist you through all phases of your project from inception through completion. He will help establish budgets and timelines, avoid delays on completion and solve problems along the way.  His philosophy consists of a one on one approach to reflect the individual personality and needs of each client.


"...a one

on one approach to reflect the individual personality and needs of each client."

       orn in Mexico, Benigno has lived most of his life in            the United States and currently resides in New   York City.   He received a formal education in architectural design, emerging from an institution in Texas with a bachelor’s degree, and has spent most of his professional career as an architectural designer for renowned firms, working in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. ​​

The wanderlust that defined Benigno as a young man persists today, and often takes him to some of the most far-flung places on the planet. His experiences with day-to-day life in new cultures give Benigno a unique perspective and gratitude. For him, these seeming never-ending travels are what nourish his design sensibility and let him connect with people from around the world.

A multifaceted Interior Designer, Benigno Aguilar has excelled internationally for more than twenty years.  He is experienced in commercial and residential projects, both remodel and new construction.  From private residences and vacation homes to unique retail spaces and corporate accounts, Benigno Aguilar has completed a diverse portfolio of projects ranging in size and magnitude.

Knowledgeable and well rounded, Ben Aguilar brings an understanding of the complex yet intricate relationship between architecture and interior design.


Benigno Aguilar


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    Through Wanderlust